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Hello, my name is Andy. I am 20 years old and live in Strattford Victoria. I am currently in France fighting in the war. Fighting in the trenches is a strange experience it’s unlike anything you could ever imagine. Going off to war I was very excited and proud to be fighting for my country, I am anxious and scared about having to fight again I have already had a bad experience and who knows what could happen next time. I may never see my family, friends or Cecelia again although I  am not too sure how much they would want to see me. Just before we left for the war I cheated on Cecelia with a woman named Francis-Jane, I know that it was a mistake that i will regret, and to make things worse or more complicated I have recently found out she is pregnant. I am deeply sorry for what I have done a feel very guilty for the way that Cecelia must feel right now. I will not however ignore my mistake and pretend it didn’t happen, I’ll support Francis-Jane and the baby and be there for them whenever they need as much as possible. I must go now as there is a war to be won.


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About Henry

My name is Henry Lyon, I would descirbe myself as a nice person, I’m easy going and hard working. I have just recently finished high school and I want to go to university and study to become a lawyer, at a least I think I want to be a lawyer. Finally after all those years of schooling I had my freedom and but I soon found out that freedome wasn’t all that good after all. My friends and I went on holidays and on the way up there I happened to meet, three people that changed my life, Janine, Trot and , Miss Hainsworth. Janine and Trot ended up coming away with us, and Miss Hainsworth and Jainine got me into the story of Andy Lansel. He was a man who fought in the war 80 years ago and had he not died he would have married Miss Hainsworth. I found his story very interesting and at times it was hard to come to terms with some of the things he was dealing with in his life both at was and back home. It made me wonder how I would deal with those situations if I was in them. Whilst on holidays things between Marcelle and I decided to end the realationship, we were both expecting different things and it just wasn’t working, I enjoy hanging out with the boys and Marcelle though I did that too much. I wasn’t all that upset about ending the relationship it was just the way it had to be. While on holidays I also found that Janine was infact Andy’s great grandaughter, I was suprised yet wondered why she had taken such an interest in his story. We returned home and I went to work, but then I recieved some very bad news and I wasn’t sure how to take it or react, Trot was dead. Of course I was sad and upset but how upset could I get I hadn’t known him that long but in saying that I know we could have been good friends. These past events have change the way I view and think about things and I realise that the smallest decsion, the smallest mistake can have the biggest impact on your life. I am know about to head over seas with Janine and vist the war sites where Andy fought, hopefull it give me a better understanding of what he endured.

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I think being un Australian means that yuo are not proud to be an Australian, it doesn’t mean that you have to agree with every thing that is said and done but you should still show your support when needed. I also think it is Un Australian to not know the history and culture of the country apart of that culture is to be multicultural there fore people should be accepting of other peoples cultures and religion.

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Australian Citizen Test

Q1) I think the cartoon is suggesting that migrants that will be sitting the test will be expected to know the Australian history and culture as well as they phrases and word we use.

Q2) Some of the reasons given to have the Australian test are because they think it would benefit new citizens if they are able to speak the language better and to have an understanding about how Australia works.

Q3) Some people are concerned that the new test will undermine Australias multiculturalism and cause problems in the community, Many people are concerned that the test will cause some exclusion instead of inclusion and that it maybe a step backwards towards the ‘white Australia’

Q4) I find the Arguments against the test to be more convincing i think they have more reasons not to have the test, however i think that the test is a good idea because if somebody wants to be an Australian citizen i believe that they should have some understanding of the culture, history and especially the language.

Q5) The White Australia policy was a racist legislation that prevented non-white Australians and to promote white Australian immigration 1830 to 1982.

Q6) I think that mainly the writer agrees with having a citizenship test, because it would greatly benefit them being avle to speak the english language and have a basic idea about the country and culture. He does not wish to discriminate against anybody though

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